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The Only Estate Agent in M16 - Feb 14

The Only Estate Agent In M16!!


Since we saw off our last proper competitor with an office in the M16 postcode area, David Andrews Homes have been able to market the fact that we are the only estate agent in M16. We highlight the fact on our banner adverts on Rightmove, and our new website features the fact as well. Why do we do this? Firstly because it is a unique feature of our service and, secondly, because it is truly an important feature when it comes to selling your home in M16!!! 

After looking at every single property for sale on Rightmove today, (5thFebruary 2014), I have created a spreadsheet comparing each estate agents properties under offer with their total stock. I have also broken this down to the M16 and M21 postcodes to compare success in each postcode with office location.  

In the M16 postcode area 52% of David Andrews stock is under offer. Only one other agent matches this figure, and the rest fall well short of 50%.  

In the M21 postcode area, one agent has 60% of their stock under offer, and 3 agents have 50% of their stock under offer.  

The above statistics make it quite clear that it is fairly critical to appoint an estate agent in your postcode area and, as the only agent actually in M16, David Andrews Homes should be a “no brainer”, if your home is in M16!!  

As a matter of interest, in M21, 100% of our stock is under offer but, as we only have one property for sale in M21, the statistic is fairly meaningless.  

We have no doubt that our competitors will be telling sellers of houses in M16 that it does not really matter that their office is down the road in Chorlton, (M21), as it is a busy little village, where lots of people will see their house for sale – but the statistics say different!!



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